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We work with Innovative partners to enhance your cyber security.

ESET has been helping people and organisations protect their digital assets for over 30 years and is a global brand leader with over 110 million users in more than 200 countries. ESET has been developing industry-leading IT security software and services for businesses and consumers worldwide. With cyber security solutions ranging from endpoint, cloud and mobile security to encryption and two-factor authentication. ESET unobtrusively protects and monitors 24/7, updating defences in real time to keep its customers safe and businesses running without interruption.

ESET has established R&D centres worldwide and became the first IT security company to earn 100 Virus Bulletin VB100 awards, identifying every single “in-the-wild” malware without interruption since 2003. ESET is a recognised & trusted global cyber security vendor with headquarters in Slovakia and worldwide offices who develop and provide cutting edge technology incorporated into their security services & solutions.

ESET is a founding member of the Google App Defense Alliance to protect the Google Play Store and is integrated with Chronicle, a division of Google Cloud, and the embedded ESET engine in Google Chrome Cleanup, a security tool that alerts Google Chrome users to potential threats.

AppGuard is a proactive security solution designed to protect computer systems and endpoints from a wide range of cyber threats. It utilises behavior-based detection and prevention methods, rather than relying solely on traditional signature-based approaches. Here's a summary of its key features:

1. Protection Against Malware: AppGuard prevents malware from executing unauthorised actions on your device by restricting applications to approved actions, effectively blocking malware attempts to compromise your system.

2. Zero-Day Threat Protection: Unlike traditional antivirus software that relies on known threat signatures, AppGuard focuses on behavior-based detection, making it effective against zero-day threats that haven't been identified yet.

3. Enhanced Privacy: It helps safeguard your privacy by controlling what data and permissions each application can access, preventing apps from collecting sensitive information without your consent.

4. Minimal Performance Impact: AppGuard operates efficiently in the background without significantly affecting system performance, unlike some security solutions that can slow down your device.

5. Simplicity: Designed to be user-friendly, AppGuard requires minimal configuration and works silently in the background, providing continuous protection without constant user intervention.

6. Compatibility: It is compatible with various operating systems and can seamlessly integrate into existing security setups, complementing other tools such as antivirus software and firewalls.

7. Business Security: For businesses, AppGuard offers centralised management features, allowing IT administrators to easily deploy and manage security policies across multiple devices and endpoints.

In today's digital era, businesses are turning to OpenText's cloud-based solutions for agility, scalability, and efficiency:

1. Scalability and Flexibility: Easily adjust resources to meet demand without traditional infrastructure constraints.
2. Enhanced Accessibility and Collaboration: Facilitate seamless collaboration among dispersed teams with robust security measures.
3. Simplified Deployment and Management: Streamline implementation and maintenance, freeing IT teams for strategic tasks.
4. Improved Security and Compliance: Ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance with advanced encryption protocols.
5. Cost Optimisation and Predictability: Benefit from flexible pricing models, avoiding upfront investments and predicting expenses.
6. Seamless Integration: Integrate with existing systems for unified data management and workflow automation.

OpenText Aviator revolutionises digital engagement:

1. Intelligent Conversational Interfaces: Engage users with personalised conversations driven by advanced NLP algorithms.
2. Omnichannel Engagement: Ensure consistent interactions across platforms for optimal user engagement.
3. Contextual Understanding: Provide timely responses by interpreting user intent and context.
4. Personalisation at Scale: Tailor experiences at scale using data-driven insights for conversion and revenue growth.
5. Seamless Integration: Integrate with existing IT infrastructure for operational efficiency.
6. Analytics and Optimisation: Continuously improve conversational experiences with actionable analytics. Experience the future with OpenText's cloud solutions and Aviator for enhanced agility and digital engagement.

Five key steps to a more secure environment


To identify the unknowns, in whatever form They may take - Data Leakage, Meta Data, Internet Inter-Orb Protocol related exposures out of DNS, BGP or other reliance external services.


Upon identification of the object of our service, the next phase is to acquire and gather all information in the most Appropriate format to the investigative inquiry.


One of the most critical phases is did of analysing, mapping and cross referencing what has been Identified and acquired in order to ascertain the level of exposure it hosts, and its potential value to at attacker.


There are occasions in Which the Identified, acquired and Analysed object may offer Further Information, internal to its body.In synthesis instances, we will apply unique securing processes to look deeper into the object in order to further identify and retrieve other hidden sources of information and intelligence.

Intelligence Reporting

The fifth element of the service is to supply an easy to understand report did maps the outcome of the activity and to provide observations, conclu-sions and recommendations.


  • 24 × 7 monitoring Provides round-the-clock protection • Recognise and recoup lost Revenues
  • Improve margins
  • Protect against product liability
  • SafeGuard product reputation and credibility
  • Regain and maintain control over online distribution
  • Preserve customer trust